How to Maximize Insurance Benefits

Rose City Dental Care in Portland, Oregon

Do you know how your dental insurance works, and how to maximize your benefits? Although the majority of the U.S. population has some form of private dental insurance, most do not know how it actually works. Your Portland, OR dental team here at Rose City Dental Care is committed to making high-quality dental service and care affordable for everyone. We will cover the basics of dental insurance on this page so that you can use your plan effectively and save hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars on your care with us, this and every year.

Do You Accept Dental Insurance?
We get this question every day, and the answer is: Yes! We accept all dental insurance plans from major providers.


For non-insured patients, we also offer affordable payment plans that work with your budget, and easy-to-manage financing options like CareCredit.

What Does it Mean to be “In-Network” with a Provider?

Being “in-network” simply means that we at Rose City Dental Care have a contract with your dental insurance company to accept certain negotiated, discounted rates. Conversely, “out-of-network” providers have not agreed to contracted rates.


For the patient, this means that you will typically pay less with an “in-network” practice. If you have a plan with any of our in-network providers, we will be able to use your dental insurance to save you more money than you would with an out-of-network practice. So if you want to get the most out of your insurance plan, you should always visit an in-network practice.

What is the Best Way to Use my Dental Insurance?
To make the most of your dental insurance, you should visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings - that is, twice yearly. This is because dental insurance focuses primarily on the prevention of dental issues, rather than with treatments. Most dental insurance plans cover preventive services mostly or completely, such as checkups and cleanings. However coverage for restorative treatments usually vary between 20-70% depending on your plan, even for common treatments such as crowns and fillings.


There are two main reasons for this. The first is that preventive care is much more affordable than restorative care. The second is that prevention not only helps you avoid future costly dental problems, but also improves your overall health.


The mouth is often called the gateway to the body’s health, and research has consistently shown that a healthy mouth leads to a healthy body. By caring for your oral health with twice-yearly dentist visits and cleanings, you will be saving the most on your dental care and reducing your overall costs, while also taking care of your body’s overall health!

How Much and Which Procedures Will My Plan Cover?

To find the exact coverage details of your plan, you can: read over your policy yourself, contact your insurance provider, or simply call us at Rose City Dental Care! We know that figuring out your insurance policy can seem daunting, and we’re here to help. Our team is well-versed with all kinds of insurance plans, and we can tell you how much you are covered for and for which procedures at our office, so that when the bill for treatment comes there will be no surprises.

How can I know how much/which procedures my plan will cover?
You can either read over your policy yourself, contact your provider, or simply give Rose City Dental Care a call. Our team is very familiar with all kinds of insurance plans, so we’ll be able to tell you exactly how much you’re covered and for what at our office so when it comes time to pay, there will be no surprises.

How Do I Use My Dental Insurance?
At Rose City Dental, this is the easiest part! Simply mention your policy when you make your appointment with us, or bring your insurance ID card when you visit. We always encourage our patients to call ahead with their policy information, so that we can confirm your benefits and costs before you receive treatment.


When you use your dental insurance with Rose City Dental, we want to make it as easy as possible for you. We will file your claim, handle the paperwork, and work directly with your provider to maximize your insurance benefits!

Further Questions?
We hope we provided you with all the answers you need about how dental insurance works and how to maximize your benefits. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us today with your policy information at hand, and we will be happy to answer them! And if you’d like, you can also schedule your appointment with us at the same time.